Tree Services Central Coast



All our tree services are done to the highest standard with safety foremost and include:


Tree removal

We have the expertise to know which trees need to be removed. Trees have a life span and some can become diseased and this is when they can be a safety hazard. We know all the council regulations and what can and can't be done and will help you with any approvals you may need.


Tree pruning

We know that to keep trees healthy and safe they need to be regularly pruned and or dead wooded. Or if trees are growing too closely to your home or electricity wires they need to be cut back for everyone's safety. Pruning is also essential in the event of storms or high winds. You need to make sure that branches or limbs won't come down and threaten the safety of your family.


Arborist report

Most tree removal and pruning needs to have council approval and we can prepare a qualified arborist report and tree removal application to submit to council prior to the work being done.



We arrive with a chainsaw, truck and chipper and will tidy up the worksite before we leave so that it doesn't become a safety and fire hazard.



We are covered by all the relevant insurances including public and products liability insurance and workers compensation insurance and are fully accredited.


24/7 Emergency Service

We are available around the clock seven days a week so that if a tree or branch comes down at your place we can remove it as soon as possible so that you can return to your normal life.


And our prices are competitive!


So call Nick today on M: 0405 633 767 or if you would like to send us an email enquiry click here.